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Spanish Hospitality on the Costa Del Sol

Peter McCormick


Finca Cortesin is a private 18 hole course located in Cazares, Spain on the Costa Del Sol.  I was met by the superintendent Ignacio Soto and his assistant Antonio when I visited.  They provided me with top notch hospitality and were eager to show me their course and the exciting things going on.
Me with Ignacio Soto and his assistant, Antonio.
Finca Cortesin is the first golf course in this area that is trying to convert their greens from Bentgrass to Mini Verde.  The plan is to complete the conversion within two years; however, the issue is that there is no certified grass available.
Ignacio searched in the United States for a certified grass that was approved to import into Europe but could not find any. He is currently working with the University of Pisa to obtain certification for a specific Mini Verde.  He asked me if I knew of anyone with knowledge of Mini Verde and I gave him a few different contacts. The course has conducted testings with Tifeagle Bermuda and it is working well with the conditions in their region.  The focus is more on Mini Verde because it has fewer problems with disease and needs less chemicals and water to maintain.
Sprig of Mini Verde.
After a very informative visit I was invited to play golf with Ignacio and Antonio.  This was a fantastic way to get hands-on exposure and feedback to things that are happening on the course.  I was pleased to be able to share experience and knowledge.  After a successful visit I was invited to dinner with both gentlemen.  We enjoyed tapas, wine and rich conversation. 


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