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He knows, and he remembers...

Kevin Ross, CGCS


My friend, Rick Tegtmeier, has a gleam in his eye. Why? It's there because he knows. He won't admit to you he knows, but he does.


He may have doubted it over the past four or five years, but he now knows all the hard work -- every little moment of stress -- was all worth it.


He also knows that people really love him. Everyone has shown it this week by traveling from near and far to do any and all that's needed to help him make this tournament a smashing success.


Rick remembers all those who have helped him and worked with him along the way. I have seen up-close the amazing camaraderie that is second to none among the volunteers. Its absolutely refreshing and fabulous! I have never felt more welcome anywhere.


Even though I have a few days left, I believe the camaraderie will be my #1 takeaway from this experience. In fact, I know I can bank on it!


One other thing I can bank on: Rick knows and Rick remembers





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