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It's an Iowa thing...

Kevin Ross, CGCS


At most large golf events, theres usually something unique to contribute to that event's own flair, flavor and personality. LIke the $2.00 pimento cheese or egg salad sandwiches at The Masters, wrapped in green paper so if one gets away it can't be seen on TV as litter. Quintessential Masters, and only Masters. Or, the maintenance staff's toques (a Canadian/northern US term for a knitted winter hat with a beanie on top) at the Ryder Cup last year in MInnesota. Won't see them in Florida.


The Solheim Cup at Des Moines G&CC is the largest international sporting event in Iowa's history, with 120,000 tickets sold and over 2000 volunteers on hand. It's a big thing. To take advantage, the club has gone out of it's way to inject as much "Iowa" into this event as possible. Rick pointed out in the last video that, for his part, he wanted to make sure the volunteer staff showcased as many Iowa superintendents, assistants and equipment technicians as possible.


Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. I spotted two of them on the grounds this week. The fire hydrants and the concession stands are as unique (and uniquely Iowa) as it gets. In this video, Rick gives me the lowdown on both.


Now I need to visit one of those concession stands to get me a Maid Rite or some ham balls, maybe some Pella bologna or Puppy Chow (not what you think), a Twin Bing or a breakfast pizza. Those are Iowa things too.




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