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Taking time, and the Elite Bunker Team...

Kevin Ross, CGCS


One evening, early in the week at the Solheim Cup, Rick Tegtmeier was making his rounds and stopped to chat with me. I was just shooting some b-roll video and was in no hurry, so I welcomed the chance to shoot the breeze. That's just what we did.


We didn't talk about Poa control or bunkers or fertilizer. We just generally talked about life and some special things he had in store for the tournament. I'll never forget that evening perfect weather, nobody around, just Rick and I catching up on things.


It was at that time that Rick told me about his plan for his bunker raking team for the competition. He said he wanted to give back something to family, friends, and industry folks -  people who made a difference in his life and career. I noticed he got a little choked up as he mentioned many of those who would be part of Ricks Special Forces Elite Bunker Team. The Special Forces team members would follow each group around the course, inside the ropes, and rake bunkers after them as needed.


I'll admit to choking up a little myself as Rick shared his thoughts with me.  It was a special time.


As he drove away that evening I was humbled by the amount of time we had together. I was also very impressed with his thought process in putting together his bunker team.


I'm pleased to say that I met up with two of his bunker team members, Tracey Maddison of BIGGA and Stephanie Schwenke of Syngenta. I was able to get their thoughts on being chosen, as well as their thoughts prior to tournament play, and when it was all over. We certainly had a lot of fun.




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