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Does Your Golf Course Marshal Need A Little Help?

Randy Wilson


Our GCM (Golf Course Marshal) is often accused of being lazy, ineffective and unwilling to do the job.

When the GCM attempts to speed play and enforce local rules, golfers howl in protest, calling the GCM a jack-booted power-crazed thug gleefully dealing out harassment and oppression.

If the GCM is polite, the players ignore GCM commands and refuse to comply; it is not unusual for golfers to see a polite GCM as a sign of weakness and follow up with threats and physical abuse.

. . . golfers see a polite marshal as a sign of weakness

Here at The Rock, we believe a GCM operating without sufficient support from the clubhouse/pro shop, will resort to riding around waving and indulging in ball-hawking, rather than risk a butt-whuppin’ for attempting to herd slow players.

That is precisely why  Rockbottum CC has implemented a change, trying to walk the fine line between ineffectiveness and coming down too hard.

Our GCS invented the MLM (Marshal’s Little Helper) and assigned it to the GCM.  [MLM not available in stores, order from Rockbottum CC in the next ten minutes and receive a 10% discount]


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