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State of Golf Address

Randy Wilson


In the spirit of The State of The Union Address, I have endeavored to write and deliver a comprehensive analysis of the current state of affairs in golf.


Due to constant interruptions provided by GCS duties, I have been forced to split the State of Golf Address into several segments.

Due to constant interruptions provided by GCS duties . . .

The first segment contains very little of the State of Golf Address, but some of the issues facing golf are presented in short form.


On the bright side, unlike the Presidential State of the Union, you will not have to stand and endlessly applaud everything I say, unless you just want to irritate others in the room.


The following multi-part series Veminar is entitled:  The State of Golf Address, and is worth 2000 Mystic Order of Greenkeepers CEU points, providing you can get through the entire series without heavy drinking.


So, sit back and enjoy Part One.



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