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We Can See Autumn From Here

Randy Wilson


We interrupt our currently scheduled series on Best and Worst GCS Hobbies for a special announcement:  The 100 Days of Hell are almost over!

We can tell because of all the back to school ads and the sudden surge in expert football analysis offered by golfers once focused merely on green speed.

In addition, our local hunting store has awakened from fishing catatonia to prepare for deer season and I saw a bentgrass superintendent the other day–without the facial tics, the Thousand Yard Stare at the clouds and the moisture sensor in the special fast-draw holster.

our local hunting store has awakened from fishing catatonia . . .

Even though it’s still just August, we’re living in Happy Time at Rockbottum CC.  Why?  Because we can see Autumn from here.  August will soon be gone and then, like my brother Mike says, “August is August, but September . . . well, September is September.”

Yeah, it’s still hot.  But September is a lot closer to cool than June.

Let’s not wait for Labor Day, let’s celebrate now!

Here’s how:  If everyone will wish really hard, click your heels together and click the button on this video, we’ll show you our favorite TurfNet hunting video . . . just to get everybody in the mood for Autumn.


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