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Best/Worst GCS Hobby #5



My favorite hobby for the GCS is up next, holding down the #5 slot.  It should be #1, but the judges decided my particular choice was lacking in several critical areas.  (Most of which are related to beer, cars, motors, guns, fishing poles, attractive women and not wearing spandex in public.)

It may not be the average superintendent’s first choice, but there’s nothing like a little fear in your day to override that other omnipresent fear, the one that involves losing greens or hearing, “We’ve decided to go a new direction” which is code for “I don’t have the guts to really tell you why we’re letting you go, but it has to do with us spending way too much on that #%^& clubhouse renovation.”

 . . . nothing like a little fear in your day

So, Survey says . . . #5:


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