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Relationships at work: More important than many realize

Parker Stancil


In May of 2018, I promised myself that once I started my new, but temporary, life in Denmark, I’d be as good of a friend as I could be to anyone I would meet. 

I had no enemies when I started, and I saw no reason to have any by the end of my summer.

I lived in the Great Northern greenkeeper employee housing with 14 other greenkeepers. The crew was diverse, from all over:  Ireland, England, Scotland, Lithuania, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Jamaica, and Bulgaria.

I’m proud to say I have friends from all over the world now. In the turf business, connections are a big key to success, so it’s important to get your name out there and keep in touch with everyone you meet.

I’m proud to say I have friends from all over the world now...

I did my best to make friends when I was in Scotland, too, working the Scottish Open. I really enjoyed getting to know the crew and the volunteers there, and I’m happy to still be in touch with those I met.

I’m happy to be back in the States to see my family and friends, but I’m always going to have my other family on the other side of the world.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Great Northern for having me for the summer, Gullane Golf Club for letting me volunteer for the Scottish Open, and everyone else who made my summer so enjoyable. 

Below are pictures of friends I made during my travels and a list of my new friends I worked with at Great Northern.


John Conway, Hicks Layton, and Billy Teichman L->R


Dave Dusch


Soren Hansen


Blair Shearer and Dave Thomson


Me with Jack Darling, riding a roller coaster.


Tom Larsen


Gordon Moir


Line Trier


Scott Dunsmuir, Grant Dilasser, John Cunningham, and Jack Smillie


John Ungermand


Michail Trivonow


Liam Nicholson and Kevin West


David Angus, Baptiste Traineau, Gary Innes, me, and Ashley Wilkinson


Stewart Duff


Aidan O’Hara


Jack Sredojevic


  • John Cunningham- Ireland
  • Jack Smillie- England
  • Jack Darling- Scotland
  • Deivydas Gulbinas- Lithuania
  • Justas Poskevicius- Lithuania 
  • Dave Dusch- Australia
  • Tom Larsen- Denmark
  • Jack Sredojevic- Ireland
  • Grant Dilasser- Scotland
  • Peter Sredojevic- Scotland
  • Robert Barnat- Poland
  • Sarunas Gr- Lithuania
  • Scott Dunsmuir- Scotland
  • Benny Christoffersen- Denmark
  • Chrisitan Hainer- Denmark
  • Edijs Ukstins- Latvia
  • Michael Gordon- Jamaica 
  • Michail Trivonow- Bulgaria
  • Anette Bolander- Denmark
  • Christian Bensen- Denmark
  • Dainius Rudys- Lithuania
  • Evaldas Aleksandravicius- Lithuania
  • Danielius Monkevičius- Lithuania
  • Rune Carlsund- Denmark
  • Vadims Arakčejevs- Latvia
  • Line Trier- Denmark
  • Jakob Nielsen- Denmark
  • Kristian Jensen- Denmark
  • Aidan O’Hara- Ireland

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Parker - Congratulations on a great internship experience and a big "well done" on writing your blog, from all of us at TurfNet. You are absolutely correct in that it's the people that you meet and work with that you will remember over the years much more so than whatever job it was at the time. 

Make a point of keeping in touch with those whom you particularly valued. An old friend of mine once told me, "If you don't work at relationships, they soon go away."

Best of luck finishing up at Horry Georgetown and in your career after that. You will do well.

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