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Force Multiplication Through Cross-Training

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Randy Wilson


In what will surely be our last outburst of serious ranting, Rockbottum Country Club offers a Skeletal Golf Theory segment on a tried and true method for adapting to economic changes.

It's like Judge Smails said, "I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber.  Didn't want to, but I felt I owed it to them."

I didn't want to do this film, but I felt I owed it to you.


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Starting off in this industry working for Randy Nichols at Cherokee T & CC, I thought every course cross trained their staff.  The entire staff  at Cherokee was taught irrigation, drainage, construction, equipment operation, welding, etc.  Then I started hearing these terms "spray tech" and "irrigation tech" and couldn't believe that at other courses, they had a dedicated person to these jobs.  Always seemed inefficient to dedicate a "tech" to a job when you could teach several on the staff to do it and also allow some flexibility with staffing.  This is a great video that everyone can learn from.  Good job Randy!

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Thanks, Fred, not only for the positive feedback, but for allowing us to shoot that on your course.

Last year, through an unnamed informant, I realized your staff received a great deal of cross training and began preparing for this film.  The expected instability in the markets reared up and Momma said, "Time to release that cross training film--before it's an afterthought!"

Also, your office looks great on camera.

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