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Beloukha herbicide: sunflower-based, from Belchim Turf

Peter McCormick


Beloukha_logo.pngNo, it's not that cute white whale.  Beloukha® is a new sunflower, bio-based, biodegradable contact herbicide from Belchim Crop Protection (formerly Engage Agro). It recently received EPA approval and is ready for state registration across the United States. Stop by Booth 2411.

Beloukha is a non-selective, broad-spectrum, foliar-applied herbicide that acts exclusively by contact, attacking and destroying the cell membranes of the plant epidermis causing rapid tissue dehydration. Made up of 51.98% pelargonic acid, a naturally occurring substance sourced from sunflowers that breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, Beloukha provides burndown of both annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds, plus most mosses and other cryptogams. 

Beloukha is fast acting and effects are visible within 2 hours of application. It’s also proven to be rain-fast within 2 hours of applying.

Beloukha is effective in various weather conditions, working faster when used in hot and dry weather and with a concentration rate between 4 and 6%. (see label for full Rate Table).

  • CONTACT, non-selective, broad spectrum, foliar-applied herbicide.
  • LOW ODOR - improved formulation
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Soil organisms consume the C9 producing CO2 and H2O, that remains in the carbon cycle of life.
  • PROVIDES BURNDOWN of both annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds, as well as most mosses and other cryptogams.
  • FAST ACTING- visible effects on most weeds occur within hours.
  • VERSATILE - use on turf, landscape, hardscape and ornamental areas.



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