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ProRoll from Progressive Turf: maneuverable and follows contours

Peter McCormick


Configured very much like the old tow-behind Ranger-type fairway gang mowers of yesteryear, the ProRoll from Progressive Turf brings individual unit flotation and contour following to wide area rolling. No longer is the rolling effect lost on dips and magnified on humps in the fairway.

Available in two models -- the Pro-Roll 10 and Pro-Roll 15 - with 10’8” or 15’ rolling widths, each roller unit is able to independently track changing contours. Solid ballast (30# suitcase weights) can be added to or removed from each roller deck to ensure even compaction (between 5.8 and 11.6 psi) across all rollers.


The Pro-Roll has the ability to make sharp turns without scuffing due to the four individually-mounted transport tires, smooth roller ends and Progressive’s  Pro Lift-N-Turn system.  Pro Lift-N-Turn allows the operator to hydraulically raise the rollers off the ground during a turn, eliminating any chance of scuffing. When the rollers are lifted, weight is transferred to the four wide floatation tires and the tow vehicle.

Each of the 26” long, heavy-walled 6 inch diameter steel rollers are housed in a wrap around frame for protection. No exposed welds and a formed end chamfer provides the smoothest roller drum possible. For durability, the pivots are straddle mounted and an over-sized flanged bearing supports the ends of each roller. Replaceable bushings and pins are incorporated at all key pivot points.


The Pro-Roll 10 and Pro-Roll 15 can be used with either a common compact tractor or a utility vehicle. One remote hydraulic valve is required for operation from the vehicle seat. A self-contained power pack is available for vehicles without remote hydraulics.



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