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From The Vault: The 2nd Film From Rockbottum CC

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Randy Wilson


For your entertainment, we present, from deep in the bowels of the Rockbottum Films vault, our second major production:  "Customer Service".

The audio in this historic film is clippy at times, even glitchy, (it was pre-Sennheiser) but we didn't think you would mind.  After all, where else can you watch a GCS push a mean old lady golfer into a deep bunker?  

You know you've been tempted to do the same thing.


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Mr. Wilson,

So happy to see some of these old shorts again (cant even remember if I watched them back then). You haven't lost anything and you certainly had back then too.

Perhaps the truest takes on golf maintenance ever.

Joe Fearn

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Thanks, Joe.   Momma says don't call me Mr. Wilson.  And that short is from the days when we took a month to shoot and edit a ten minute film.  Now with The Youtube, we have to battle the .07 second attention span and keep 'em short.  Real short.

Keep up the good work, 


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