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Did The Golf Cart Create The Modern Cupcake Golfer?

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Randy Wilson


Purely apocryphal, but my Bio-RAM can recall a time when golfers weren't so picky and whiny and demanding about things that didn't matter in real life.   Although I have previously fixed the blame on color TV and 50 weekends a year of Las Vegas Showgirl grooming standards, I think I might have isolated the true cause:  The introduction of the portable sofa to what was once a rugged adventure sport.

If I rewind back about 50 years, to a time when it was more about playing the game than the current model of riding around in an English country garden/adult theme park without fear of a DUI, it becomes very clear.  All this petulant golf squawking arrived at roughly the same time our cart fleets exploded in size to meet a rapidly swelling demand. 

Of course, all the riding around instead of walking caused other things to rapidly swell:  Expectations, budgets, craniums, infrastructure, midsections and eventually . . . asses.  

. . . they have been conditioned to squeal Customer Service! Customer Service!

Now, even with a 40 days and 40 nights of rain event, the golfer of today is no longer willing to tolerate "staying on the path" or the "90 degree rule" because they are the customers . . . and they have been conditioned to squeal "Customer Service! Customer Service!" like Gomer yelling "Citizen's Arrest, Citizen's Arrest!". 

That's why I have an innovative solution to the "Special, entitled, always whinging Cupcake Golfer of Today".   Watch this short training film to learn the secret. 


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