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Rockbottum Radio: Who is poaching our assistants?

Randy Wilson


mole_people.jpgIn this episode of Rockbottum Radio, RW reveals who is poaching our assistants, equipment techs and crew members, while explaining how to defeat the Mole People with careful use of the TurfNet Jobs board.

 In "Storytime" he tells about the time the Mole People almost got him.

Also, Boof gets into it with Aint Feemy about her yoga pants, the gang provides a few tips to help determine whether your course is operating under Skeletal parameters or has just hit Rockbottum, and the Anti-Golf protest leader returns in his new role as local college golf coach.

For your listening pleasure...


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Thanks, Steve. 

And have no fear, the completely autonomous robots are almost here, guaranteed to show up for work . . . except they will probably be like Teslas and spontaneously catch fire.  

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