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Rockbottum Radio: Fixing the Worst-Ever Social Credit Score

Randy Wilson


social_credit_score.jpgIn this episode of Rockbottum Radio, RW seeks to avoid offensive discourse by installing a special Podcast Offensive Warning Device (POWD), which emits a BS alert when anything potentially offensive is emitted.

The screen-free gang at Rockbottum CC receives the worst-ever Social Credit Score, forcing Momma to retain a Social Engineering Expert -- Horton Pantslow -- to bring Rockbottum CC into the modern era. A mandatory staff meeting after lunch ensues.

The first lesson of Horton's seminar focused on working smarter not harder, raising the bar and seeing the course with new eyes while taking the course to the next level and doing more with less. The Rockbottum SCS is pushed into negative territory as a result.

The meeting winds up with a serious discussion about Growing the Game and Global Worming...


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