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Rockbottum Radio: It's a Wonderful Golf Life, 2019

Randy Wilson


wonderful_life.jpgIn this holiday episode of Rockbottum Radio, among zero-environmental impact mowers and white-lightning eggnog, it's the annual Christmas dinner for the crew and a twisted attempt at caroling ("In the fairway we can build a snowman..."). Aint Feemy runs over a slow-play golfer with her cart for calling her a Boomer. And, for Storytime, RW tells about his most memorable Christmas (1977, after two seasons as an assistant superintendent), when he also discovered Clarence the angel and Mr. Potter.

As his gift to all of us, RW suggests that in this time of division, anger and irrational reactions, we should consider the influence we have over friends and family, and how much impact our behavior has on our crew. Ask yourself this: will my effect next year be positive or negative?

RW and the Gang also welcome their new sponsor, DryJect.


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