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Top 3 Skeletal Golf Tips Of 2019!

Randy Wilson


Check out our Top 3 Skeletal Golf Tips of the Year!

#1:   Dustin Riley of Oconomowoc Golf Club in Wisconsin, is this year’s big winner.  Dustin wins the Rockbottum “Iron Skillet”* for his amazing tip on reframing tees to fit your spray rig.  (See TurfNet Forum)  Instead of just topdressing heavy or capping and leveling a tee designed and built by somebody with no GCS experience, Dustin explains how to reframe the tee to the specs needed to match your spray rig.  This is brilliant SGT thinking and saves time, money and product.

As many tees as I rebuilt over the years--especially par 3’s and narrow 4’s--I could kick myself for not figuring this one out.  Great job, Dustin! 

*NOTE:  The Iron Skillet Trophy will arrive by June and has never been used for cooking.  (There might be some residual skull fragments, however.)

#2:  Are you one of those superintendents who cannot afford to be an Imperial?  Does your club have an accountant who waves his line-item veto flag every October?  If you are like me and never managed to work for a club willing to pay association dues—local or Imperial—don’t despair . . . SGT has the answer:  Just join TurfNet. 

TurfNet is very affordable, has the top job listing and used equipment sources, as well as the best Forum on the golf planet.   (See Dustin’s tip above)   TurfNet requires no travel and best of all, if you simply must have letters behind your name, the TurfNet package also includes Mystic Order of Greenkeeper* membership.  NOTE:  *MOG is a typical secret society, so expect restrictions if your job currently pays for you and your spousal unit to attend The Open.

#3:   Coming in last is our favorite all time golf course problem solver, "Aint Feemy".  Watch this short film and learn how to effectively speed up play.  This will lead to fewer disgruntled golfers and possibly explain how to gruntle your golfers.




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You're right, for sure. Most of ours spend their time hawking balls. They wouldn't dream of picking up a piece of trash but they'll dive into the palmettos for a TopFlite.

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