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Rockbottum Radio: Positive Energy Defeats Negative Vibes

Randy Wilson


positive_energy.jpgIn this episode of Rockbottum Radio, direct from deep in the TurfNet Zone, Willy preaches the power of positive energy in the face of the negative vibrations emanating from... well, just about everywhere these days. Multi-tasking while preaching, Willy also must deal with troublesome golfers, weakening infrastructure, another Mushroom Burger Day, and allegations of poison on the Food and Beer cart.

Boof whips up an Ipecac martini to silence an uppity golfer.

During the hallucinogenic bliss of Shroom Burger Day, the truth behind what happened to Hector is accidentally revealed.

Willy shares tips to help us endure an economic adjustment with a positive outlook, and then unleashes one of the great Storytime features, "Uncle Whip and the Packard".

Presented by DryJect.


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