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O Ludell, Where Art Thou?

Randy Wilson


On The Saturday Afternoon Movie, "O Ludell, Where Art Thou?", Ludell suspects that he has been zombiefied by the ankle-deep propaganda spewed forth onto his shag carpet through mind numbing microwave wifi beams.

Late one night, he escapes his socially distant quarantine shelter at home isolation cell and seeks the safety of the screen-free mountain forests.

While roaming loose in those mountains, Ludell foolishly begins to entertain forbidden thoughts and soon finds himself the target of a manhunt.  

Momma and Willy race to find Ludell before the Alphabets and their corporatized bloodhounds--who use alpha brain wave detectors--can track him down, neutralize his impure thoughts about Twitter and certify him into submissive silence.


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Funny you mention that, Kevin.   We have some footage we shot while riding a little known trail called Stonewall Falls, in which we asked you to come ride with us . . . but it hasn't made it to the edit suite yet.

You beat us to it.

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