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Yes, I Hear Voices

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Randy Wilson


Lately, it's gotten more difficult to write humor.  We start out funny and then for some reason, everything gets serious.  To make things worse, Buddy's wife, Esmarelda, won't let him get within six feet of me or Ludell and that makes it hard to shoot film.  But Buddy also says she won't let him within six feet of her, either.

So after writing and tossing out a number of columns, radio shows and films, we were kind of discouraged . . . until Momma suggested we go into the film vault and find something from six or seven years ago. 

We fired up the old projector and all of a sudden, we felt much better, because we were visiting a much calmer, more relaxed time.  We chose one of our favorite films ever:  "Do You Hear Voices?"   It features Kevin Ross as our special, albeit unwilling, guest, and after laughing at our ownselves . . . well, heck, we feel terrific now.   


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Yeah, Kevin, we are proud to be on the TurfNet TV with you.  I'd hate to be our competitors.

And we still need to coagulate on a "mtn bike for supt's health" production.

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I think it's there, but we can do much better up here in N. GA and Western NC.  That's all I can say about that, cause Momma has this rule about, "If you can't say something good . . . "

Late fall is the best riding in this region.  The bears are still awake, but to guys like you who have to worry about griz, our black bears are more like big raccoons.

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