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Lockdown? What Lockdown?

Randy Wilson


From our "Boots & Ruck" film division, we offer this short film on the dangers associated with lockdowns and too much togetherness.    

Note:  This film has been fact checked by our internal experts, so don't bother offering any differing opinions.  


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Well done! 
we’ve been hitting the trails this year every day, except it’s rifle season right now, so that puts a bit of a damper on forest hiking. So, we’re walking the neighborhood until the first of December.

im not really all that upset about the isolation, to be honest with you




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Yeah, rifle season has a negative effect on my fashion choices and I have also done okay with the social distancing.  Must be in my DNA.

Hope you're having a pleasant Thanksgiving

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I get a lot of practice with the campfire coffee, as our grid here is kind of undependable and no coffee mornings can lead to our living room looking like downtown portland.

Momma's kind of a caffeind.

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