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The Crew Restroom Dilemma

Randy Wilson


Has your crew been ill-tempered lately?  Kind of . . . on the edge, showing signs of unrest?  Have you heard them muttering phrases like, "Took my stapler" or "Aye, Captain Bligh" while they work dark to dark?

Could be you're working them like a rented mule, while you and the assistants attend tea parties at the clubhouse, Downton Abbey style.  Maybe the pay is too low, especially if somebody's lazy brother-in-law is sitting home making more on unemployment, running up high scores on Call of Duty, Zombie Version.  It's also possible the unrest is the result of this endless virus.

We think it's none of those things.  It could only be the crew doesn't have access to a restroom, due to the exponential increase of houses alongside the fairways.  Now we know you don't have the budget to construct a restroom just for the crew and you are reluctant to give up your private bidet, so we figured out the solution--in true Skeletal Golf Theory style.

The Golf Crew Advantage.  Order today, before the rush.


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🤣🤣 Oh Randy what your mind comes up with!  Funny way to start a Monday. 

At my first Supt. job, we had houses all around.  I had a guy who had worked there 30 years and he would just stop out in the open, lift up the hood on the tractor and act like he was working on it, all the while he was relieving himself.  Nobody ever caught on.

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Thanks, Fred.  Most of my existence has been a cartoon.  Possibly a dark one, but still, a cartoon.  

I wonder if your tractor operator was just keeping the radiator . . nah.

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Just WOW. Where do I begin? Buddy is fabulous, as always, and was that some drone footage? Old mowers, a cartoon finish!! Truly superb sir. Simple yet sophisticated  which should get you nominated for some kind of award.

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Thank you, Matt. 

Aye, that was an Oktocopter drone on the Road Hole at Rockbottum, where they have recently converted from TifEagle to Poa Anooah.

Just a little something to lighten the mood.

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