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Buddy and Randy Retire From Golf

Randy Wilson


On this episode of Rockbottum CC, (the longest running webisode on the whole dang internet) a mysterious leak at Jelsik Muldoon's GMO lab results in retirement fever sweeping over Rockbottum. 

Roy Dell takes advantage of the crisis by attempting to gain control of the club while Willy prepares to hand over the reins of power to Bodell and Jimmy Dell, who have encountered the secretive head of an evil organization known as Turftruth or TurfPoof--hard to determine because they exist only on twitter, the realm of fake everything, originally designed for 8th grade girls to trade gossip--and Momma cures the whole mess with vitamins and a special organic mineral.


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Well, Steve, looks like Comrade Momma overturned our retirement strategy with what she calls her 30 Year Plan.    

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Herr Mason, you won't ever have to worry, that stuff only happens to guys like me and Buddy, who never learned how to communicate with golfers.

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