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Flappin' & Honkin'

Randy Wilson


In our constant search for inner peace on the golf course, we offer this film from our Boots & Ruck division, entitled:  "Flappin' & Honkin' ".

Normally, our stories from the military days are off-limits, but there was just no other way to impart this particular piece of wisdom without data-mining the trauma zone in my skull.  

So lace up your boots, shoulder your rucksack and come along for some campfire coffee, philosophy . . . and a tiny little woodstove.

No instant coffee allowed. 



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That was awesome.

Personal story;

I had a lifeboat crewman back many years ago who specialized in keeping everybody calm. We were on a particularly dicey SAR case one winter day and when we arrived on scene, we started doing what we do; We stabilized the situation, got all the people accounted for and safe and then we started to deal with a disabled boat that I wanted to tow back in. After numerous attempts to hook it up, Joe whispered in my ear "Chief, I can see things getting a little wobbly here".  When I asked him to clarify what he meant       (which kinda sounded like "What in the f**** are you f****ing talking about?" he replied " Things aren't steady, we're losing control"

He was right. We backed off, took a few minutes to calm down, came up with a plan of action and executed as planned.

Ever since then, I've referred to these moments as "wobbly".


Then there's the time I fell overboard and missed the entire Atlantic ocean. Ah, but that's another tale for another day.

Anybody who has spent any time in uniform understands what you're talking about.

Semper Paratus




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Great show. I  wounder how many could not tell the difference from flapping and honking and what is not!


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