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Ryan Moy, Mitch Ronning and Peter Braun at Minnesota United Football Club and Allianz Field

Peter McCormick


The big question on the turf industry's mind after the epic 2016 Ryder Cup Matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (Chaska, MN) was, "Where's (senior assistant superintendent) Ryan Moy gonna go?" Turns out the answer was one just about nobody expected: Head Groundskeeper for the Minnesota United Football Club at the still under-construction Allianz Field in St. Paul and their training grounds in Blaine, MN. 

Once Ryan settled in there he was followed by former Hazeltine interns Mitch Ronning and Peter Braun to form the core of the MNUFC groundskeeping team. We at TurfNet got to know Peter when he was the 2014 TurfNet Intern in Ireland, working at the Mount Juliet Golf Club in Co.Kilkenny, Ireland.

TurfNet salutes Ryan, Mitch and Peter as Rising Stars of Turf for both their excellent past work in golf course maintenance but also their future in sports turf. This chat with Peter McCormick (with a cameo appearance by the McCormick dogs) gives a fascinating glimpse into the career transition from a major golf event for Ryan, the culture shift from golf to sports turf, and the experiences they've had during their years with MNUFC at Allianz Field. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.



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