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Nathan Jordan, NTJ Turf, LLC

Peter McCormick


Nate Jordan first came on our radar as an active user of the TurfNet Forum during his first gig as head superintendent, then at Saratoga Lake Golf Club in upstate New York. He created a stir when pondering whether his resume and career trajectory would be enhanced by stepping back into an assistant role at a Top 100 club, which he did for a year before finding that not completely suited to his personality and demeanor. He then went on to five years as superintendent at Mount Hawley CC in Peoria, IL, before taking the reins for a year at Atkins Golf Club at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Very recently — only a month ago — Nate decided to shift gears and form a mobile golf course project management company (NTJ Turf, LLC) specializing in irrigation, drainage, construction/grow-in, custom applications and interim superintendent services.

During this chat with Peter McCormick, Nate describes his early entrepreneurially venture as a high school landscaper, and his internship and assistant years with Kevin Ross at the Country Club of the Rockies. Spend a few minutes with Nate and Peter to hear more about what makes Nate tick and what his future holds.



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