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Rockbottum Radio: We Tried to Warn Us!

Randy Wilson


warn_us_BTR.jpgIn this episode, RW gets tangled up in AI when he tries to use Chat-GBB to write the radio show and that failure results in a spirited rant aimed at those we entrusted with getting out the water conservation message.

Just as the way forward is revealed, Count Noomskool of the World Globalar Golf Forum arrives and waves huge sums of money at Momma, in order to subjugate Rockbottum CC's verboten individualist attitude.


Recommended Comments

Thanks, Joe.  I have to squeeze lines like that past Momma and Ludell since they only read works of a hundred words or less.

Kevin, thanks for listening.  I would have produced a longer version but I had to stay outside and watch for balloons.

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