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What Coffee Does Momma Really Drink?

Randy Wilson


Rockbottum CC is overrun with unrepentant coffee snobs.  Momma, Willy, and Ludell drink only one brand of coffee and only through a stainless steel French Press. 

Exactly what coffee Momma buys has been classified for years, but recent security leaks threaten to reveal our dark secret to the unwashed public, especially those consumers of instant, freeze -dried and that stuff that came in C-Rations.

To get ahead of the story, we released this short film, before Buddy could put his spin on it. 

*Note:  We are not sponsored by this coffee, but we do feel a kinship with them and also, we refuse to drink the swill normally foisted upon innocent golf course crews.



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Matt, thanks for that.  I am a collector of fine Larson artwork as well as a specialist in what Momma calls "Redneck Latte'", which might be similar to the Cowboy Latte'

It involves carrying a small fruit jar of heavy whipping cream in the ruck and shaking it violently, like a deranged person, then dumping the cream into the too-strong coffee.


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