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Sam Moynihan, Detroit Golf Club

Peter McCormick


Sam Moynihan took over the reins at Detroit Golf Club this spring just 90 days prior to hosting the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Soon thereafter somebody painted two greens with Roundup as a "welcome" present. The challenge was on.

A graduate of West Virginia University with a degree in agriculture, Sam kicked off his turf career with a stint at Muirfield Village Golf Club, first under Paul B Latshaw and then Chad Mark. He then moved over to Caves Valley Golf Club for the next five years as first assistant, including hosting the BMW Championship in 2021.

Watch or listen in as Sam relates his stressful first months at DGC, repairing the two vandalized greens and hosting a successful Rocket Mortgage event. Find out what Sam can't do without on the golf course, while we get a glimpse of his relationship with his wife Emily since getting married at Muirfield Village. Great conversation with another Rising Star!



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