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Fred Taylor, CGCS, Mankato Golf Club, Mankato, MN

Peter McCormick


Fred Taylor, CGCS, retired in early October, 2023, after a 43-year stint working exclusively at Mankato Golf Club in his hometown of Mankato, Minnesota. Fred followed in the "bootsteps" of Boots Fuller in 1992, becoming who would wind up as only the third superintendent at MGC in almost 100 years.

Fred takes credit for all that goes wrong and give his staff credit for all that is right on the golf course. He has over the years served as a buffer between the staff and club membership,"running interference" for his staff and allowing them to do their jobs unhindered by the inevitable politics of private club operations.

Watch or listen in as Fred, a long-time TurfNet member, recounts some of the highlights of his career and the enjoyment he has gotten from it. Fred will also be honored this December by the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association with their Distinguished Service Award.

Also, check out the excellent profile video that Mankato Golf Club did of Fred a few years back (bottom)



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