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Patrick H. Sisk, CGCS: Open, honest and humble

Peter McCormick


Our latest All Star of Turf is Patrick H. Sisk, CGCS, career superintendent, athlete, marathoner, inventor, entrepreneur and family man. Pat guides us through his path from a college transition to early adventures in Colorado and Arizona, then a career that took him from his native coastal Connecticut to 18 years in Milwaukee and recently back to western Massachusetts. It hasn't always been a cakewalk. Early on he fell into substance abuse but clawed his way to sobriety... and has been sober for 36 years.

While Pat describes himself as a highly competitive achiever who has always looked for the next mountain to climb, he acknowledges that internal drive and competition can be a blessing and a burden. He values those he has learned from, worked for, worked and served with, mentored and otherwise befriended along the way.

Pat invented and brought to market the Green Sweep blower attachment for incorporating topdressing sand with minimal leaf abrasion, which is currently marketed by PrecisionUSA.

This All Star of Turf conversation with Peter McCormick ranks as one of the most open, honest and humble discussions we have had. Give it a listen to find out Pat's plans for the next mountain he is getting ready to climb.


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