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Jeff Whitmire, CGCS, Williamsburg (VA) Golf Club

Peter McCormick


When Jeff Whitmire was 12 years old, his request for a birthday/Christmas gift was not the usual. He wanted a copy of Dr. James Beard's now-classic textbook, Turf Management for Golf Courses. One might say Jeff's direction in life was pre-ordained at an early age.

Jeff started working at Williamsburg Country Club at age 12 as a cart attendant.  He took over as superintendent when he was 25, with no degree and still working toward a turf certificate. He is still there, 27 years later, surviving and thriving through a transition from a traditional member-owned country club to a sole-ownership, golf-only structure. He learned from both.

"Being a golf course superintendent is not a job, it's a marriage. I haven't worked a day in my life." ~ Jeff Whitmire, CGCS

A self-described information and research junkie, Jeff's favorite "new tool" over his career isn't a piece of equipment or a new PGR; it is the internet. It has enabled him to easily indulge his thirst for information and knowledge.

Jeff listens to his staff and values them as individuals and as a team. His operators and mechanic give thumbs up or down on equipment purchases. His staff came up with their unusual weekly schedule.

There are nuggets of wisdom sprinkled all through this conversation. Watch or listen, learn and enjoy.


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