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Lord Assfault, Hater of Superintendents

Randy Wilson


Watch what happens when His Lordship meets Rockbottum.



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Awww Randy, that was great stuff and nice acting. I once asked you if you ran out of material, but it keeps getting better and better and I laugh harder and harder.

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Do you have a wardrobe department or is all that stuff right out of your closet? Great job on The Zealot's pod cast by the way. Must admit the two of you in front of a microphone with tape rolling had me worried.

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Kiger gets us our TurfNet shirts and the rest is just ordinary golf clothes. Momma lays out my clothes for me every morning, cause I have trouble matching colors.


The TZP was fun, except Momma gave me a list of topics I was not to entertain, so my best stuff is being held in reserve in case Dave wants Part 2 when Momma is away at Kung Fu class.

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Any video featuring any form of any golfer being abducted by anyone in a ghillie suit or a Chewbacca costume needs to win a damn oscar.

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