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Ten Years After

Randy Wilson


We're coming up on Ten Years of Rockbottum CC television.  It's a major anniversary for us and it began in early December of 2005, when I was told to do a video version of my TurfNet column.


Buddy, Momma, Franklin Beaver and Ydnar began production on "Golf Cart Control" and released it two weeks later.  It's been a wild ride since then.  We tried to blend as many different styles of film as possible into an ever-changing format, while subjecting TurfNet viewers to various forms of subliminal brainwashing, screwball comedy, hidden messages and plain old PYSOP.


To celebrate our anniversary--keep in mind, most big budget TV shows never make it this far--we decided to show you several of our favorite films, especially the ones that went unnoticed.  (Releasing a film during aerification time, spring opening, GIS or whenever the aroma of burning bentgrass filled the air was always a mistake.)


Anyway, for the next couple of weeks, enjoy several of our favorite Rockbottum CC films, while we celebrate and congratulate our ownselves, for surviving this long amidst the slings and arrows of angry golfers, members, green chairs, competitors, former sponsors and a host of . . . others.


Before we get started on our special film festival, we would like to thank our sponsors, Vinyl Guard Golf and Macro-Sorb, for riding with us on this adventure.


First up at The Rockbottum CC Film Festival, "The 15-Inch Cup", a panel discussion featuring an idiot and an oaf.


So lean back in a comfortable chair, turn up the subwoofer, grab a hearty Oatmeal Stout and watch our favorite under-the-radar Rockbottum Films.  



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Congratulations on 10 years. Randy a stellar performance by both you and your brother and thank you for bringing these back out it shows your clear foresight, way ahead of the curve. Keep us straight and keep us laughing.

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Thank you, gentlemen.

Mark, that's not my brother, Ludell is my twice-removed cousin from a different specie.



Your interview on TZP was a class on how to do a proper radio interview. Did you ever go sit in Jimmy Cagney's favorite theatre seat? That was a great piece of island history, enjoyed all your stories and info.

Next ten?

We're not counting in years here anymore, thinking more in minutes.

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