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Varmints, Skunks, and Idiots

Randy Wilson


While shooting the Sewanee film, we noticed quite a bit of SKUNK damage on the fairways.  Our past research indicates Varmints come out in force during a drought, digging for tasty grubs, complaining about hard fairways and bemoaning the lack of lush green turf.

To help any TN members who might be experiencing Skunk Pestilence, we hastily pulled our Varmint Training film out of the Rockbottum Vault and re-edited it to remove the stupid parts.  (That pretty much gutted the entire film, so we put it back like it was.)

The TOP TIP on anti-skunk operations came from the TurfNet Forum, the best place in the entire golf industry for quick, quality information.  I realize you would like to know who provided this tip, but I promised Paul Diegnau, CGCS, that I would not reveal his name.

Also, just in time for Christmas:  "Eephus the Terrible", an action adventure novel from Randy Rockbottum Wilson is now available in hard copy!




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