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The Skeletal Golf Series

Randy Wilson


Skeletal Golf, in several forms, has long been the foundation for the success of Rockbottum Country Club* and the Wilson Golf Dynasty.  

The concept of SG is more applicable in hard times than during the euphoric boom time, and given the economic signals emanating from on high...  this might be a good time for those involved in the mid- to lower-level of golf to consider a contingency plan or two.

Since leaving the military, I have spent more time studying economics than turf — probably the reason we called the Great Economic Downturn of '08 while most of golf furiously built real estate golf — and the most important thing I learned about economics was:  It's more voodoo than science.

We built Rockbottum CC to survive a serious recession.  It did very well, while all of our regional competition was either sold off like junk bonds or barely survived.  

Golf has contracted, possibly due to the middle class being shifted to Asia or losing customer appeal by becoming a slow, expensive pastime... or both. 

Whatever the reason, we offer Skeletal Golf as one strategy to keep golf — in a purer form than a driving range attached to a disco — to keep golf relevant in the event of another recession.

... we offer Skeletal Golf as one strategy to keep golf — in a purer form than a driving range attached to a disco — to keep golf relevant.

Part One, The Skeletal Golf Manifesto, will be released soon, along with short films on Skeletal Golf Maintenance, SG Architecture, SG Marketing, and SG as The Primary Recruiter.  First, we offer Part Fore: How To Play SG.

Those at the upper level of golf might not need to look at SG... unless something happens and you end up down here, competing with us.

*Real name withheld



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Thank you, Jeff.


Also, I saw the 5-gang you posted on Twitter . . . very impressive, looks better than showroom and inspires mower envy Here At The Rock.


Clearly, your knowledge of Skeletal Golf Theory runs deep.

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Thanks Randy! We have 3 of them. We bought 2 of them a few years ago for $1500 ($750 each). We put roughly $5000 into these units (total) and they are like new. We have another that is as old as the course..58 years old still going strong! They do a great job on our bermudagrass rough.

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