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Forest Therapy

Randy Wilson


Our favorite method for suppressing "The Noise" is Forest Therapy.  You can practice Forest Therapy with a simple, short hike, or go on an epic adventure lasting several days. 

At Rockbottum Country Club, we self-medicate with Forest Therapy when we've had too much holiday feasting or too much family togetherness or too much screen time.

We just grab a pellet rifle or a slingshot and go into the forest for some big game squirrel hunting.   It's similar to raccoon hunting; if you come home empty-handed, nobody cares, and you still get the benefits of Forest Therapy.


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DOO do.... That looked like a lot of fun to film. It is a weird juxtaposition to believe in the message to not spend so much time in front of a screen, enjoy the heck out of the video and then realize you are sitting in front of a screen.....

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Thanks, Matt.  You are this year's winner of the Rockbottum Subliminal Message Award!  Your choice of one of our books or a Turpentine Corncob.

(I'd choose the book)   Because books are TV for smart people and the TC is for screen zombies.

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