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Buddy Goes To e-Rehab

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Randy Wilson


Nicholas Carr, a technology and modern culture genius, wrote the book, "What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains".   Although I don't usually quote folks who went to Harvard and got nominated for that Pulitzer thing, I am doing it now.  Why?  Because no matter how hard I work at warning the golf world about tech and AI and microwave signals cooking our brains, nobody listens.

So I thought maybe golf might listen to this little gem from Nicholas Carr:

The printed book focuses our attention, while the internet distracts us, rerouting our neural pathways.

For those unwilling to heed the warnings from the brain of an academic intellect, I have provided a short film that explains just what happens when the neural pathways get constipated.


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I was going to watch your video until I read what you said it does to our brains.  So call me and let me know what's in the video.  

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Okay, so I broke down and watched it.   As always, spot on and beautiful.  Nice sunrise sky how long did you have to find a morning for that!

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I'm not sure I understand what you're saying . . . I've been doing this internet webisode for so long that something might be wrong with my

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Thanks Fred and Kevin.

Buddy makes a big difference in our comedy shorts, but Esmarelda won't let him out of the salon except on slow days.

(He's the number one shampoo boy)

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