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Got Nematodes? Let's Whack 'Em!

Randy Wilson


In this film from Rockbottum CC, nematode specialist Derek Settle reveals new 'Tode Warfare secrets.

To give you some idea of how dedicated this guy is, the only time we could catch up with him was Christmas morning.  Instead of opening presents around the digital fire, Derek was out in the freezing cold, helping the TurfNet Village prepare for nematode season.  (We have enough microscopic trouble to deal with already, we don't need more, especially in our greens.)

Also in this episode, Buddy gets hornswoggled by a large Root Knot 'Tode.


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Thanks, Mark. 

Those 'tode poppers aren't low input, are actually labeled for cutworms and are unsustainable. 

You should probably just use an axe.

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