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Extreme Golfer Personality Disorders

Randy Wilson


The following online film course, "Extreme Golfer Personality Disorders"  is an uncomfortable, brutal look at what lies in wait for the turf school graduate, and as such, should probably be viewed by veteran golf course superintendents only. 

If you complete the course, you will not only accumulate 15 CEUs for Mystic Order of Greenkeeper certification, but will join the ranks of famous superintendents like Brian Nettz, Anthony Williams, Fred Gehrisch and Mark Hoban.  (Mark had to take the test three times.)

Purchasing the course textbook, "The Greens of Wrath", guarantees MOG certification and Class AAAAA status, plus the opportunity to win a signed frying pan from Momma.  Just look over to the right and click on the rockbottum films site.   



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That's okay, Mark, it still counts.   

Our official motto at MOG, learned while vacationing at Fort Bragg, is "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin' hard enough."

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That was an educational vacation.  You also learned not to pick a fight with the little guy in the flannel shirt that takes the last steak at Sizzler buffet.

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That class was under the sub-heading, "Always be polite at Fort Bragg.  You never know who you're dealing with."

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