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Steve Ehrbar, CGCS, Panther National Golf Club

John Reitman


The latest TurfNet All Star of Turf is Steve Ehrbar, CGCS at Panther National Golf Club, a private, single-owner facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

A graduate of the two-year program at Ohio State, Ehrbar has been a legendary fixture in South Florida for years.

His career includes stops at Jupiter Hills Golf Club in Tequesta, Old Marsh Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens and Lost Tree in North Palm Beach, the home course of Jack Nicklaus.

Ehrbar has been involved in multiple construction projects and his career has been heavily influenced by names like Nicklaus and Pete Dye. 

In this conversation with John Reitman, Steve talks about who and what helped form his career, the importance of leadership and mentoring assistants and team members, the challenges associated with managing a golf course on the edge of Florida’s wetlands as well as labor issues, including how they affect the operation and steps toward solving them.



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Great watching this video. Steve is a first class Director of Agronomy, as well as a first class guy! Really nice. Thank you.

Jon K Mahannah 

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