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While this whole series so far resonates with me, the one point that no one knows who the superintendent is, is a good one. I often thought that a course could mimic the restaurant industry and their celebrity chefs. Superintendents (I can write this because I am no longer one) with the skill to provide excellent conditions (and there would be a lot of definitions of this like there are many types of cooking styles) at a particular price point (dive bar to michelin stars range) would be a known entity and what the business is built around.


Where is the Golf Channel show where a seasoned cranky superintendent goes into a club that is a mess and turns it around? That is a reality show. But I am afraid our world is just a little too PC to allow it to be as entertaining as it could be.

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Sounds like a great pitch. I used to call that kind of supt, "The Wyatt Earp GCS".


They come in and tame the wild town, so the smooth and gentle folk can ease in and take over.

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