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The Hoban Report: Dead Bent Greens?

Randy Wilson


While preparing to shoot our summer update on Mark Hoban's Golf Science Projects, wild rumors of dead bentgrass at Rivermont swept through Rockbottum Headquarters.


We immediately rushed to Atlanta to shoot the following Emergency Hoban Report.





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Randy, I thought Kiger was the only one who shot Turfnet videos with photobombing dogs? Love it. Mark looked like he had a pocket full of treats Berkeley was itching to get at. And remember what your Doctor said about abusing golfers. High on your must not do list.

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My news camera op side was telling me to shoot without Berkeley, but my fun-loving happy side told me to keep the shepherd in the shot.


Also, lost that doctor even though I was promised . . . never mind, I was getting too old for a pediatrician, anyway.

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