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Fred Gehrisch On Managing Difficult Personnel

Randy Wilson


Fred Gehrisch of Highlands Falls Country Club, TurfNet's 2014 Superintendent of The Year, reveals one of the management techniques he utilizes to achieve Maximum Personnel Efficiency.





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Not Foghorn! I say, I say boy pay attention when I am talking to you. Boy I made a funny and you're not laughing.


Did poor Fred know that hiring Bodel meant visits from Ludell and the chance for Rockbottum imortality

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Foghorn is an important fixture around here. Listen closely to "Bubba", the big cigar smoking know it all and you will hear Mr. Leghorn.


Fred walked right into that ambush.

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Momma lets him pick up to $8 a year out of the Sears & Roebuck catalog.


He won't wear stuff out of our pro shop, because he says Carhartt is too rough on his skin.

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