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Dr. Frank Rossi: Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking (again) with Jim Wagner of Hanse Design

Posted in Frank Talk 14 June 2018 · 297 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat again with Jim Wagner of the Hanse Design Group, this time about the intersection of golf course design and maintenance in this era of moving targets and shifting requirements within golf.


How critical is the golf course superintendent in a renovation project? Wagner says that the ultimate success of a project can be predicted by gauging the enthusiasm level of the superintendent, and that often depends on their inclusion in early conversations and later in the decision-making processes.


How can superintendents leverage the current and continuing influx of investment money into golf course renovation projects? Listen and find out.


The "Howard Stern of TurfNet?" Really?


Presented by Civitas/Intelligro and DryJect.



Jim Koppenhaver of Pellucid Corp: Reaching future equilibrium

Posted in Frank Talk 31 May 2018 · 440 views

In yet another fascinating discussion, Jim Koppenhaver of Pellucid Corp, brings us up to speed on the current state of the golf industry.


In an era of flat is the new up, 2017 was a "solid sideways" for golf. Some metrics, however, are indicating that the slide of recent years is abating somewhat. How long will it take for supply, demand, playable hours and other factors to reach an equilibrium of health and vitality for the industry?


What can we learn from tennis and skiing?


Spend 45 minutes for a better understanding of where golf is and where it can go... both good and bad.


Presented by DryJect and Civitas/Intelligro.


Dr. Bill Kreuser: Clipping yield and managing turfgrass growth

Posted in Tech Turf Talk, Frank Talk, By the Numbers 17 May 2018 · 1,038 views

In this episode, my old pal Dr. Bill Kreuser of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln returns for another visit to the Frankly Speaking virtual studio. We have a fascinating discussion about the current knowledge base about measuring clipping yield, GDD modeling, PGR use and managing for consistent turfgrass growth and optimal turfgrass health.


Is the "one-third rule" valid, or completely bogus? What happens at 50%? Where is the optimal interface of mowing height and frequency? How to use clipping yield to guide fertility and PGR use so you're not "driving down the road with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake..."


How about collar decline... should we be mowing our collars lower? Bill says, "YES!"


Spend a few minutes with Dr. Bill Kreuser and me to expand your knowledge base about managing turfgrass growth.


Presented by Civitas and DryJect.


Talking Bluemuda with Brian Winka, CFSM

Posted in Frank Talk 26 April 2018 · 754 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat with Brian Winka, CSFM, about the benefits of "Bluemuda" vs the "insanity" of the traditional process of overseeding Bermudagrass on sports fields and golf courses in the south and transition zone.


Presented by DryJect/Maximus and Civitas/Intelligro.


Steve Mona of the World Golf Foundation on the State of the Game

Posted in Frank Talk 29 March 2018 · 680 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat with Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation and previously CEO of the GCSAA. Topics include the rebound of the Tiger Effect and it's influence on the "green grass channel"; getting new golfers to the point of playing well enough that they enjoy the game; making golf more accessible (and user friendly) at every level of facility; altering perceptions of the game among potential new golfers; effects of course design and conditioning on the experience of new golfers... and lots more!


Spend a half hour with us and get yourself up to date on where the game is and where it's heading.


Presented by Civitas/Intelligro and DryJect.


Frankly Speaking is presented by DryJect/Maximus by DryJect and Civitas Turf Defense from Intelligro.
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