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Dr. Frank Rossi: Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking with David Kuypers, CGCS, of Syngenta Canada

Posted in Frank Talk 23 September 2016 · 985 views


In this episode, I speak frankly with David Kuypers, CGCS, former golf course superintendent and now head of Lawn and Garden for Syngenta Canada. A Penn State alum (won't hold that against him) and instructor in the Guelph Turf Institute,


David and I discuss his career transition, Canadian pesticide regulation compared to that in the US, and the stormwater capture project he worked on while at the Cutten Club in Guelph.


Smart talk from leading thinkers and always Frankly Speaking.

Presented by Turf Screen and DryJect.


Frankly Speaking with Rick Slattery, 2015 ELGA winner and supt at Locust Hill Country Club

Posted in Frank Talk 08 September 2016 · 1,153 views

In this Frankly Speaking audiocast, I chat with Rick Slattery, a 30+ year career superintendent who has spent the past 21 years at Locust Hill Country Club outside Rochester, NY. Rick was a 2015 GCSAA Environmental Leaders in Golf (ELGA) Award recipient in the Private Club category. Under Rick's leadership the club was also recognized by the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation as an environmental leader.


Much of Rick's environmental focus has been on water management and in a year when water is on everyone's mind -- too much or not enough -- this conversation is particularly insightful.


But it's not all the usual! Our far ranging discussion includes gems like these from Rick:

  • "When did it become the superintendent's responsibility to ensure a golfers shot holds the green?
  • When a new superintendent takes over a course, the golf course is often going to get worse before it gets better...
  • You don't believe anything you do with Poa is going to be as bad as it is until you do it...
  • My turf might be 20% Poa but that Poa is conditioned to behave just like bentgrass and not expect any special treatment. We can go home at noon on Saturdays...
  • I don't believe you should modify your greens mix to more than 70% sand.
  • I had three tees that were pure sand. I aerified and topdressed with topsoil, and now they act just like all my other tees.
  • Try establish a baseline of maximum allowable water deficit and then try to reduce that every year.
  • I hate to mow. Mowing is one of the most damaging things we do to the turf."



Dr. Roch Gaussoin: Soil organic matter, percentages (?), topdressing, coring/not coring...

Posted in Frank Talk 18 August 2016 · 1,570 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat with one of my old pals, Dr. Roch Gaussoin of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Roch did some fascinating research on managing soil organic matter, and the value of sand topdressing, coring/not-coring, spiking, solid-tining, slicing/venting, and other new-age cultivation techniques.


He also has some intriguing conclusions that are bound to stimulate thought and conversations among the superintendent (and academic) community.  Smart talk from leading thinkers and always speaking frankly.




Sarah Jackson: Female Assistant in a Vastly Male World

Posted in Frank Talk 13 July 2016 · 1,964 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I have a great conversation with Sarah Glenn Jackson, a recently married Texas Tech graduate who for six months has been the assistant superintendent at Plantation Golf Club in Frisco, Texas.


I first became aware of Sarah via Brian Cloud's GCSAA blog and immediately knew her experiences as a female assistant in a vastly male industry would make for good conversation. She didn't disappoint!



Steve McDonald: Early-season Poa mgt, ABW, anthracnose, pyrethroids, and native areas... among others

Posted in Frank Talk 21 June 2016 · 1,867 views

In this episode, I speak frankly with field agronomist extraordinaire Steve McDonald, owner/operator of Turfgrass Disease Solutions in Eastern PA. We start with the growing season of 2016 so far for the always-tough Mid-Atlantic region, and then move on to some of the latest thinking on annual bluegrass weevil management, summer disease prevention and some great conversation on techniques to manage the not-so-low-maintenance native rough areas.


Recorded June 13, 2016.


Presented by DryJect, DryJect Maximus and Turf Screen by TurfMax.


Frankly Speaking is presented by DryJect/Maximus by DryJect, and Turf Screen by TurfMax.
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